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Accuvon Rotary Pump Appeared in South China High Quality Environmental Protection Exhibition—IE expo China 2016 Guangzhou Exhibition

November 26, 2016

IE Expo China Guangzhou Exhibition will focus on "serving the industry with innovation and promoting development in an all-round way", grasping industry trends and discussing innovative solutions with elites from all ends of the industry chain.

At this year's Guangzhou International Expo, Accuvon mainly showed the special functions of rotary lobe pumps:

1. Strong self-priming ability, often used to replace submersible pumps or submerged pumps, the maximum self priming of the pump can reach 8.5-9.5 meters.

2. Excellent wear resistance, often used to transport sludge, sewage, slurry and other fluid media containing impurities.

3. Maintenance in place, simple maintenance, no need to disassemble the pipeline.

4. Reversible operation, completely symmetrical design, changing the drive turn to change the conveying direction.

5. No blockage, strong ability to pass impurities.

6. Short-term dry running: the pump is not sensitive to dry operation, and short-term operation will not cause damage to the pump.

7. Energy saving, high efficiency.

8. Solve the air resistance, and can transport gas, liquid and slag mixedly.

9. The overall operation cost of the pump is low.

10. Ultra-wide medium viscosity conveying range, from low-viscosity medium to high-viscosity medium can be smoothly conveyed.